Музыка брони-культуры

Броняши пишут музыку различных жанров, а отличается она как правило большей продолжительностью (треки от 4 до 8 минут) и замысловатым содержанием (создаётся от души, а не ставится как попса на конвеер ради прибыли).

У нас можно бесплатно послушать и скачать такую музыку. Для скачивания звучащей песни кликни по плееру правой кнопкой мыши и нажми "Сохранить". Для поиска жми Ctrl+F.

Спасибо ponemusic.net за предоставленный архив музыки (более 50'000 аудиофайлов).

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🔙 <Назад>
🎶 📥A Brony Plays some Trumpet
🎶 📥A Changeling Can Change (Cover)
🎶 📥A Fair Cleric's Waltz
🎶 📥And I will (Wait For Your Safe Return)
🎶 📥Anthropology (Remastered)
🎶 📥Anthropology [Colt Cover]
🎶 📥Ascension [Original Song]
🎶 📥Autumn (TheLivingTombstone Remix) Cover
🎶 📥Ballad of The Pink Pony Bard
🎶 📥Becoming... I Don't Even Know What...
🎶 📥Bronies to the Core (Cover)
🎶 📥Bronies to the Core (Remastered)
🎶 📥Button's Mom Jazz Version (feat. Foxy Lee)
🎶 📥Come Back Soon (Cover)
🎶 📥Double Rainboom (Cover)
🎶 📥Dumb Ways To Die (Pony Version Cover)
🎶 📥Goodbye to the Holiday (Cover)
🎶 📥Granger Danger (Cover) [ft. Mary Medley]
🎶 📥Hell to Your Doorstep (Cover) [666 Subscriber Special]
🎶 📥Help Me (Save Me)
🎶 📥Hijo De La Luna (Cover)
🎶 📥Hush Now Quiet Now (Cover)
🎶 📥I Am Just a Pony (Cover)
🎶 📥Just Another Day In Ponyville (TheMusicReborn Covers 4everfreebrony)
🎶 📥Long Way From Equestria (TheMusicReborn Cover)
🎶 📥Loyalty (Vocal Cover)
🎶 📥Lullaby for a Princess (Cover) [Remastered]
🎶 📥Lullaby For a Princess (Cover)
🎶 📥Magus Cantio (A Mages Song)
🎶 📥My Little Improvisation (Derping with my Trumpet)
🎶 📥My Little One (Original Song)
🎶 📥Nature's Call (feat. Faux Synder)
🎶 📥Now I'm Free (Original Song)
🎶 📥Pinkie's Brew (Remastered Trumpet Cover)
🎶 📥Pinkie's Brew Russian Gyspy Jazz [Trumpet Cover]
🎶 📥Pinkie's Lament (Trumpet Cover)
🎶 📥Ponyville Blues
🎶 📥Praises for Princess Twilight (Cover)
🎶 📥Proud to be a Brony (Cover)
🎶 📥Rainbows (Derpy's Lullaby) Cover
🎶 📥Ready As I'll Ever Be (Collab Cover)
🎶 📥Reflection & Reformation (feat. BriLizyT & AshleyH)
🎶 📥Sally's Song (Male Cover)
🎶 📥She's Got That Magic!
🎶 📥Shelter (Piano Instrumental)
🎶 📥Smile Song (Trumpet Cover)
🎶 📥Smile, Smile, Smile [Trumpet Cover] (OLD VERSION)
🎶 📥Sorrowful, Regretful (Cover)
🎶 📥Strange Love (Feat. Faux Snyder)
🎶 📥Swing Tavi Swing (Cover)
🎶 📥The Christmas Song (Quick Little Thing for Christmas)
🎶 📥The Hardest Thing Cover (Feat. LilyCloudVA)
🎶 📥The Moon Rises (Cover) [Remastered]
🎶 📥The Moon Rises Cover
🎶 📥This Day Aria [Colt Cover]
🎶 📥Universe (Cover)
🎶 📥Up In the Sky (8 Bit Version)
🎶 📥Up in The Sky (Original Song by TheMusicReborn)
🎶 📥Up In The Sky (Remastered)
🎶 📥What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me (Colt Cover)
🎶 📥When Night Returns (Original Song)

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