Музыка брони-культуры

Броняши пишут музыку различных жанров, а отличается она как правило большей продолжительностью (треки от 4 до 8 минут) и замысловатым содержанием (создаётся от души, а не ставится как попса на конвеер ради прибыли).

У нас можно бесплатно послушать и скачать такую музыку. Для скачивания звучащей песни кликни по плееру правой кнопкой мыши и нажми "Сохранить". Для поиска жми Ctrl+F.

Спасибо ponemusic.net за предоставленный архив музыки (более 50'000 аудиофайлов).

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Ashley H

Сейчас играет:

🔙 <Назад>
💽 My Little Hamilton
🎶 📥'Confetti Confessions' Let Her Go Parody
🎶 📥'Control' (A Midnight Sparkle Parody)
🎶 📥'Cornered Confessions' (A Pinkie Pie Parody)
🎶 📥'Countdown' Mlp S9 Spoiler Song
🎶 📥'Crybaby' (A Flutterbat Parody)
🎶 📥'Dear Fluttershy' (Fluttershy Parody)
🎶 📥'Defect' (A Tempest Shadow Parody)
🎶 📥'Everlasting' Parody
🎶 📥'Exile' A Celestia and Luna Song
🎶 📥'Fallen' (Chrysalis Parody)
🎶 📥'Fit Right In' Cover
🎶 📥'Friendship Always Wins' Cover (Mlp S8)
🎶 📥'Give Up' (My Immortal Parody)
🎶 📥'Go The Distance' (A Twilight Cover)
🎶 📥'Happy Birthday Gutibooty' (Swing Octavia Swing Parody)
🎶 📥'Holidays When You Were Mine' (Remmas Extra Song #2)
🎶 📥'Home' Parody (A Sunset Shimmer and Celestia Song)
🎶 📥'I Am Octavia' Piano Vocal Cover
🎶 📥'I See Fire' (A Daybreaker Cover)
🎶 📥'I Will Always Love You' Cover (Dedicated To My Mom) Happy Mothers Day!
🎶 📥'In Our Eyes' (Try Parody)
🎶 📥'Into the Unknown' A Twilight Cover (From Frozen 2)
🎶 📥'Invisible' Acapella Cover ft. Burgundy Patches (From Forgotten Friendship)
🎶 📥'Kidnap the Princesses' (Nightmare Before Christmas Parody)
🎶 📥'Let Me Fall' Parody ( Part 1 of the Hallelujah Series)
🎶 📥'Little Do You Know' (A Starlight Parody)
🎶 📥'Lullaby of the Moon'
🎶 📥'Monday Blues' Cover
🎶 📥'Monster' A Luna Cover (From Frozen the Musical)
🎶 📥'My Hearths Warming List' (Remmas Extra Song #1)
🎶 📥'My Time' (A Rara Parody)
🎶 📥'Not Too Late' Collab Cover ft. Silver Swirls (From PTS)
🎶 📥'One More Day' Cover
🎶 📥'One Small Thing' Collab Cover ft. Pinkie Rose (From the Mlp Movie)
🎶 📥'One With The Sky' Original Song
🎶 📥'Open Up Your Eyes' Cover (From the Mlp Movie)
🎶 📥'Outcast' (A Starlight Glimmer Parody)
🎶 📥'Painted Persona' (A Fluttershy Parody)
🎶 📥'Pity Party' (A Pinkie Pie Parody)
🎶 📥'Queen of Mean' (A Twilight Cover)
🎶 📥'Rainbow' Cover (AsheyH) From the Mlp Movie
🎶 📥'Rather Be Me' (A Sunset Cover) MEAN GIRLS THE MUSICAL
🎶 📥'Reflections' (A Trixie Lulamoon Parody)
🎶 📥'Remember Me Lullaby' Cover (From Coco)
🎶 📥'Revelations' (An Applejack Parody)
🎶 📥'Reversion' Cover
🎶 📥'Say Something' Parody (Part 3 of the Hallelujah Series)
🎶 📥'Sayoko' (Celestia Remembrance Cover)
🎶 📥'School Of Friendship' Cover (Mlp S8)
🎶 📥'Shelter' (A Tempest Song)
🎶 📥'Show and Tell' (A Rarity Parody)
🎶 📥'So Much More To Me' (Cover)
🎶 📥'Sparkle' Parody (Inspired by 'Your Name')
🎶 📥'Speechless' (A Luna Cover)
🎶 📥'Symphony' (A Twilight Sparkle Cover)
🎶 📥'Taco Tuesday' (Friday Parody)
🎶 📥'The Downfall of Discord'
🎶 📥'The Greatest Gift' (From A Remembrance Christmas)
🎶 📥'The Journey's Just Begun' (A Song for MLP Season 9)
🎶 📥'The Legend of Mistmane' Parody
🎶 📥'The Light of Friendship' Cover (From PTS)
🎶 📥'The Phoenix' (A Daybreaker Parody)
🎶 📥'The Place Where We Belong' Cover
🎶 📥'Unstitched' (A Dark Rainbow Dash Parody)
🎶 📥'We Got This Together' Cover
🎶 📥'We're Friendship Bound' Collab Cover Ft. Silver Swirls
🎶 📥'You're in My Head Like a Catchy Song' Cover
🎶 📥'Your Heart is in Two Places' Cover (Mlp S8)
🎶 📥7 rings (A Rarity Cover)
🎶 📥A Changeling Can Change Cover
🎶 📥A Holly Jolly Hearths Warming (A Remembrance Christmas Special)
🎶 📥A Kirin Tale Cover
🎶 📥A Mothers Words (Angel Beats Parody ) For The Perfect Pear
🎶 📥A New Era Begins Cover (From Princess Trixie Sparkle)
🎶 📥A Song For Ella (Smile Parody).
🎶 📥Above the Clouds Remastered
🎶 📥Acadeca Collab Cover Updated Ft. Silver Swirls
🎶 📥Alexender Silver Swirls Parody
🎶 📥Another Day (A Song For The Fandom)
🎶 📥Anyone (Twilight Cover)
🎶 📥Apples to the Core Cover
🎶 📥Are These The SAME SONG! (MASH-UP)
🎶 📥Art of the Dress Cover
🎶 📥At Last I See the Light Collab ft. BassBeastJD
🎶 📥Bats Cover (Wubcake & AshleyH Duet Mlp)
🎶 📥Battle For Sugar Belle Gender Swap Cover
🎶 📥Battle of the Bands Cover
🎶 📥Battle of the Bands Vocal Cover Redo
🎶 📥Becoming Popular Cover
🎶 📥Best Friends Until The End Of Time Cover
🎶 📥Best Holiday Around (From Remembrance Christmas Special)
🎶 📥Better Than Ever Cover
🎶 📥Blank Flanks Forever Female Cover
🎶 📥Brand New Start (Play Your Part Cover) 5 Year Anniversary Special
🎶 📥Brony Family Parody
🎶 📥Cadance's Lament
🎶 📥Carousel (A Nightmare Rarity Parody)
🎶 📥Celestia and Luna Sing 'A Million Dreams' (Greatest Showman) [ft. Silver Swirls]
🎶 📥Checkmate
🎶 📥City of Stars Collab Cover ft. Gutiu Serenade
🎶 📥Come Little Children (Children of the Night) Cover
🎶 📥Coming Home Parody (For The Perfect Pear)
🎶 📥Comply (A Fluttershy Parody)
🎶 📥Daughter of the Moon Cover
🎶 📥Derby Racers Cover
🎶 📥Discovery (The Daring Do Song)
🎶 📥Do It For Them Parody
🎶 📥Embrace The Magic Cover
🎶 📥Equestria, the Land I Love (With Reprise) Cover
🎶 📥Find The Purpose In Your Life Cover
🎶 📥Flawless Cover
🎶 📥Generosity Cover
🎶 📥Hallelujah Parody
🎶 📥Harmony Orchestral Vocal Cover
🎶 📥Heartbreaker (A Nightmare Cadance Parody)
🎶 📥Hearts as Strong as Horses Cover
🎶 📥I Am No Hero [Female Piano Cover]
🎶 📥I Am Octavia Cover
🎶 📥I Can Do it Own My Own Group Collab
🎶 📥I Have to Find a Way Cover
🎶 📥I Kissed a Mare Parody
🎶 📥I'll Fly Cover
🎶 📥If I Told You Original Song Duet (with Syde Music)
🎶 📥In Our Town Cover
🎶 📥It's Gonna Work Duet Cover ft Ribonchan
🎶 📥It's Over, Isn't It Cover
🎶 📥Jazz Anthropology Cover
🎶 📥Legend You Were Meant To Be Casting Call
🎶 📥Let the Rainbow Remind You Cover Collab ft. Lemon Dream
🎶 📥Life is a Runway Cover
🎶 📥Love Is An Open Door GalHeart Cover (Valentines Day Special)
🎶 📥Lullaby For A Princess Cover
🎶 📥Lullaby for a Princesss Cover (2019 Vrs.)
🎶 📥Luna's Future Cover
🎶 📥Luna's Reply Cover
🎶 📥Make This Castle a Home Cover
🎶 📥Make This Castle a Home Group Collab Ft Pinkie Rose, Knight of Breath, Otiscat123 and Silver Swirls
🎶 📥Mirror Mirror (A Luna Cover) RWBY
🎶 📥Most Chaotically (A DOD Cover)
🎶 📥My Past is Not Today Cover
🎶 📥My Time Cover (From Elena of Avalor)
🎶 📥Never Alone Rewritten Parody Song By
🎶 📥Out On My Own Cover
🎶 📥Pinkie Pie - Sings Wind in My Hair (From Tangled)
🎶 📥Pinkie Pie Sings 'Drop Pop Candy' Ft. Fluttershy
🎶 📥Pinkie Pie Sings BOOP (From RWBY)
🎶 📥Pinkie Sings - 'Happy Synthesizer' (Vocaloid Cover)
🎶 📥Pinkie Sings - 'Your Reality' (From Doki Doki Literature Club)
🎶 📥Pinkie Tales - Slumber Jack Auditions (with Bloopers)
🎶 📥Pinkie Tales-Shaladdin Auditions
🎶 📥Pinkie's Lament Cover (4yr Anniversary on Youtube Edition)
🎶 📥Pinkie's Lament Cover
🎶 📥Pinkie's Present Cover
🎶 📥Ponies Sing '...Ready For It'
🎶 📥Ponies Sing 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'
🎶 📥Ponies Sing 'Look What You Made Me Do'
🎶 📥Ponies Sing 'You Will Be Found' (Dear Evan Hansen)
🎶 📥Ponies Sing - 'Gorgeous'
🎶 📥Ponies Sing - 'Head Above Water'
🎶 📥Ponies Sing - 'I See Stars' PMV
🎶 📥Ponies Sing - 'You Need To Calm Down'
🎶 📥Rara Sings 'Never Enough' (From The Greatest Showman)
🎶 📥Rarity Sing Popular (Wicked)
🎶 📥Rarity Sing's Almost There
🎶 📥Rarity Sings - 'Everything Stays'
🎶 📥Rarity Sings -Aishiteru Banzai English Version (From Love Live)
🎶 📥Rememberance -Meant To Be
🎶 📥Remembrance - I Was There
🎶 📥Remembrance - There's a World
🎶 📥Remembrance -Share A Little Kindness
🎶 📥Remembrance Character Song - Galaxy Star
🎶 📥Remembrance Deleted Song (Ep9)
🎶 📥Remembrance Ep9 Song Preview - How Do I
🎶 📥Remembrance Stay (Credits Theme)
🎶 📥Remembrance Theme Full Version
🎶 📥Remembrance Theme
🎶 📥Revenge Collab Cover Ft. Silver Swirls
🎶 📥Rewrite The Dark (Original Song)
🎶 📥Say Goodbye to the Holliday (Cover)
🎶 📥Seeds of the Past Cover
🎶 📥Shake Your Tail Cover
🎶 📥Smile Song Cover
🎶 📥So Many Wonders Cover
🎶 📥Sorrowful Regretful Duet Cover (with Silver Swirls)
🎶 📥Starlight and Trixie Sing - Found Tonight (Ft. Sparkle Chord)
🎶 📥Starlight Sings - That Distant Shore (From Steven Universe)
🎶 📥Starlight Sings - This is Me (Greatest Showman) A Sendoff to 2017
🎶 📥Step Aside (Original Song)
🎶 📥Strangers Duet Cover (with Vertigo Brony)
🎶 📥The Dazzlings Sing Candy Store (Heathers The Musical)
🎶 📥The Midnight in Me Cover
🎶 📥The Perfect Stallion Cover
🎶 📥The Spectacle - Razzle Dazzle Cover
🎶 📥The Twilight Will Rise Cover
🎶 📥This Day Aria Cover
🎶 📥Trixie and Starlight Sing Here Comes A Thought ft. Sparkle Chord (Steven Universe)
🎶 📥Trixie and Twilight Sing What is This Feeling (Wicked) ft. Sparkle Chord
🎶 📥Trixie's Magalovania Vocal Version (Original Tridashie)
🎶 📥True Rarity Cover
🎶 📥Unbreakable
🎶 📥Under our Spell Cover
🎶 📥Unspoken Orignal Song (MarbleMac, ft Speedy Tempo)
🎶 📥Waving Through A Window Cover (Dear Evan Hanson)
🎶 📥We Need Our Cutie Marks Back Cover
🎶 📥We Will Stand For Everfree Cover
🎶 📥Welcome to the Show Cover
🎶 📥What My Cutie Mark is Telling BG Ponies Group Collab
🎶 📥Where is Hearths Warming (Remmas Extra Song #1)
🎶 📥Wintersong (Remmas Extra Song #2)
🎶 📥Wishful Fantasies Mlp Parody
🎶 📥Writing's On The Wall Cover
🎶 📥You'll play your part Cover
🎶 📥Your Obedient Servant Collab ft. Silver Swirls

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